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venerdì 28 gennaio 2011


Our company produces gas purifiers for the catering sector in particular wood-burning pizza ovens, pallet.
We are pimi in Europe with expansion throughout the world, all of our products are CE and the Machinery Directive, with awards of entities involved in the control of emissions into the atmosphere.
All our soot destroyers are made of thick stainless steel, all assembled with electronic Tig welding.
Our soot are the result of careful planning with inclusion of all necessary accessories to get the maximum yield of killing and cleaning of smoke, soot, odors.
In addition to the catering industry our company Ventiltecnoful Ltd., manufactures sewage effluents and sewage smelling smoke in the industrial manufacturing.
The Ventiltecnoful Ltd., is today being the first Italian company at the forefront of sewage polluting tributaries, with many customers throughout Europe and worldwide.
The production Ventiltecnoful srl is the result of a careful study engineering, with laboratory tests and a careful inspection of all parties sull'abbattitore soot, only after a rigorous testing and secure our production is distributed to our customers.
Gia 'many of our customers have had the opportunity to try our soot, satisfaction with accuracy and professionalism'.